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"Grantchester" tells the story of Sidney (James Norton), a troubled priest living in rural England during the 1950s trying to make sense of his life and calling.

There's unrequited love for Amanda (Morven Christie), a dear friend he can't work up the nerve to commit to, and he's befriended Detective Inspector Keating (Robson Green), a moody cop who takes to the priest's company and admires his ability to drink.

"Grantchester" is another ITV effort that hopes to enjoy the same appointment television status as "Downton Abbey," sharing a similar visual scheme and scoring efforts, only here the mission is one of murder and introspection.

It's a mystery show with limited screentime to work out the details of the crimes, but it manages to compact a substantial sense of investigation with each episode, following Sidney and Keating as they try to find procedural balance between a priest and a cop, growing to depend on each other as the cases grow increasingly complicated.

She has decided that if she’ll never be queen then she’ll make sure that she walks away with a nice financial parting gift.

Plus Camilla thinks that the more shame that she brings to the family the faster queen Elizabeth will just sign a nice check to get rid of her.

Working with the exotic Camille each week Richard investigates intricate and intriguing murders.

Scotland Yard DI Richard Poole is sent to the Caribbean island of Sainte Marie to solve a fellow policeman's murder.

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Created and written by BAFTA-winning Misfit’s creator Howard Overman, the six-part series follows the angst and exorcisms of an unlikely duo of ...

Norman Jewison, 1967) has been voted the public’s Favourite Black Star Performance in a poll which included ...

Brought to us by an E4, Netflix collaboration, Crazyhead follows Raquel (Susan Wokoma) an impulsive, temperamental and prone to violent outbursts demon hunter and Amy (Cara Theobold) who after finding out her best friend Suzanne (Riann Steele) has been possessed by a demon, realises what she thought were crazy hallucinations... Three actresses appear on stage playfully miming as the audience enters the theatre, then, almost out of nowhere the play starts.

Meanwhile Kate and Prince William have had the biggest laugh over the situation. No one wants to see a senior citizen’s goodies – except perhaps Prince Charles!

Camilla probably doesn’t care because she is currently demanding a divorce from Prince Charles so any extra embarrassment that she can cause the royal family will likely put a huge smile on her face.

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