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As a refresher, I spent a considerable amount of time examining email account aggregation last year in a series of email consolidation articles. be able to send and receive email from all of the accounts—from a single account.And while I’ll summarize my findings and advice from that series here, it may be helpful to go back and read (or re-read) these articles for a deeper look at this topic: Thinking About Email Consolidation Strategies Email Consolidation: How to Collect Email from Other Accounts Email Consolidation: How to Forward Email to Other Accounts Email Consolidation: How to Consolidate Email Accounts in Windows 7 and Windows Phone 7.5 Windows Phone 7.5: Linked Inbox for Email Consolidation The situation here is simple, but there are multiple ways to accomplish the same goal. You can do this consolidation in the cloud or in email applications on the PC or a mobile device.Each process turns your webmail account’s inbox into a powerful, all-in-one interface for all your email needs.

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Given all this, there are two things you need to configure for each secondary account.Domains: @123Storage: 50MB Attachments: 25MB Price: from US.95 per month to US.95 per month for personal packages, and from US.95 per month to US.95 for business packages 123Mail offer both personal and business users a choice of packages, with prices starting at just US.95 per month for personal POP3 and webmail.The basic package includes anti-virus and anti-Spam protection, and an impressive record of 99.99% uptime.For the PC, I prefer to aggregate all of my personal email accounts through a single account (in my case Hotmail, now using the user experience). Forwarding email is the better approach, always: It’s automatic and happens immediately when mail arrives.On Windows Phone, however, I still need configure each account for which I’d like to send email, however, since the Windows Phone Mail app (like other email apps and applications) has no understanding of the work I’ve done behind the scenes to aggregate my accounts in the cloud. If you try to use (like Hotmail before it) to collect email from other accounts, it will only happen on some arbitrary, non-configurable schedule.

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