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It features 24 hours of battery life and claims to be a 'mini-disco on the move'.

Parents need to know that - Live Video Streaming App! is a tool for broadcasting live-streaming videos and watching others' videos.

AMI-audio also broadcasts original programs and Described Audio presentations of top movies and TV shows.

AMItv, a world first, makes television accessible to viewers with vision and hearing impairments.

In 'Nearby' mode, instead of sending messages using a mobile or data signal, the feature lets users send messages to people in close proximity that are in Bluetooth or Wi-Fi Direct range - up to around 30 feet (9 metres).

The Fire Chat app, pictured left, was developed by Open Garden.

Log on, create a profile, show your photos and check the profiles of others, watch private photos and videos, send mails and create your group of friends.

Open up, you too, a webcam and amuse yourself through video chats!

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When we started out we simply displayed a list of popular chat rooms with no registration requirement. As our traffic grew, we added chat rooms of our own. However, in addition to our British chatters we have a large number of visitors from the United States, Ireland, Australia and Canada. We understand that without visitors like you, our rooms would be empty.

At first, we had enough space for a couple of dozen users. You should not have any trouble getting into a free chat room since our main forums do not require any downloads.

AMItv broadcasts a wide range of popular programming – movies, series, specials, current affairs, original AMI programs – that can be enjoyed by everyone.

All shows feature Open Described Video and Closed Captioning.

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