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Employer Services offer W-2 file upload, W-2 and W-2c online key-in functions (no special software or forms required) and the ability to track files and view processing results and notices.

SSA can post employee wages correctly only when employers and submitters report employee wages under the correct name and SSN.

Recording names and SSNs correctly is the key to successful processing of annual wage reports.

It saves the employer and the administration processing costs and allows SSA to properly credit your employees' earnings record. To ensure that you conform to these legal requirements, be careful to adhere to the following: If either of the above statements applies to you, begin the online registration process as described in the Registration section of this handbook.

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s Several commercial sites use various checks to determine if the SSN is valid.

In either case, the process is pretty straightforward but must be completed carefully and accurately.

There are also non-governmental sites available through the Internet that may be able to provide information as well.

Credits to your employees' earnings record are important in determining their future eligibility and payment of SSA's retirement, disability and survivor benefits. Some companies in the private sector offer those same services for a fee and develop misleading brochures and advertisements. BSO will display a message asking you to fax information to (570) 706-7874.

If an employer has hired you to handle his/her company's annual wage reporting responsibilities, a fee-based approach can be used when offering SSNVS to your clients. To discourage the use of misleading mailings about Social Security and Medicare, Congress enacted specific prohibitions in Section 312 of the Social Security Independence and Program Improvements Act of 1994 that broadened the existing deterrents. There are several steps that must be completed before you can use SSNVS.

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