Grant gustin dating dianna agron

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, Lea Michele est certainement celle qui fait le plus parler d'elle depuis la fin de la série.

L'interprète de l'inoubliable (et un peu agaçante) Rachel Berry n'a pas tardé à retrouver un rôle à la télévision.

He was interested in acting since his childhood and attended different Art and theatre programs to boost up his passion.

Meanwhile, Kitty convinces Quinn, whom she idolizes, that Jake is pressuring Marley into having sex with him.

Later that year, Grant joined the cast of television film A Mother’s Nightmare and afterwards garnered a recurring role in the series 90210.

During that time, Gustin received breakthrough from the hit series The Flash and Arrow which are still on aired on The CW.

Now that the series has wrapped, what has the cast been up to since then you ask?

Michele left the high socks and cashmere sweaters of Rachel Berry for the neck-brace and, later on, fur coats and murderous tendencies of Hester Ulrich, the sorority girl-turned-psychopath in Ryan Murphy’s other show as head cheerleader and heartbreaker Quinn Fabray.

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