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Aggressive people aren’t easily discouraged, are tenacious, and are motivated to meet their goals—or so the thinking goes.

What’s more true is that aggressive bosses are lousy bosses.

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Try not to generalize the negativity to your entire life.When those negative voices start taking over, give them the boot with positive affirmations. Find one or two things that you can have a legitimate opinion on, and speak up about it.5. Focus on just one task or accomplishment that you can successfully complete in a competent manner.Remind yourself of all the great things you have accomplished. Believe it or not, your confidence level emanates from your voice, and people around will respond to it. This will give you something to point to that will allow you to mentally tell yourself that you really are not stupid, that you are learning and growing.Leading to a search on the internet to figure out what to do.I know it might be hard to believe, but almost everyone I know has had this kind of experience at some point in their career.

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