Need a break from dating

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“Dating burnout is a lot like job burnout." Esther Boykin, licensed love and relationship therapist, tells Bustle.

"What was once fun and exhilarating has become exhausting, frustrating, and overwhelming.

Some people spend so much time trying to find someone, that they forget that the process of dating can actually be fun.

Even worse, some people start to get so burned out from dating that they end up hating the whole process.

Remember how demoralizing this felt, watching everyone else get chosen and there you were, left behind with the other misfits in your class?

In the dating world, it can seem like everyone has been chosen to be part of a couple except you. One in four over-50s' marriages is ending in divorce these days, which means there are plenty of men and women out there to date.

It's normal to feel giddy when you come across someone who really seems to have potential.

A little bit of pouncing on your phone when you think they might have messaged you back is totally warranted.

OK, so maybe the high of adopting such a technologically advanced way of finding love sticks around for a little longer than that. That's why if you're looking for someone, online dating is a strategic, smart move, not something to be ashamed of.They cannot function without appreciation and compliments, and start doubting themselves if they don’t get enough attention.That is a sure sign that they need to take a break from dating.The problem is we feel simultaneously too good to date some of them and not good enough to date others.It's exhausting and that's why I hear a sigh of relief when I ask clients to stop dating for a bit.

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