Updating palm web browers

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When you visit this site from Safari on a Mac, or Mobile Safari on an i Phone or i Pad, you get a message that says “your Internet browser is not compatible with this site.” It’s hard to tell how common this is, but it’s extremely frustrating when you run your practice from a Mac.

I see it commonly on sites from government-type agencies (e.g.

Android users with root access can move the cache to their SD card and I think Google should allow us that option. Why is it then that we can not backup our bookmarks?

This would allow us to easily transfer favs between our PC and phone and allow us to share them with contacts.

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Last week during my “i Practice on an i Pad” session at the Ohio State Bar Association’s Legal Technology Conference, I was proclaiming how the i Pad can be useful to pull up information from the web when you’re out of the office.

One gentleman asked about certain web sites that require you to use Internet Explorer or Firefox to navigate their site.

By continuing the discussion we can move the platform forward. I learned the hard way, that when you go to clear data, it also wipes out your bookmarks. Most of the Google services offered for Android are automatically backed up online.

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