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It’s a desire to create that hype feeling of playing Super Smash Bros in the same room, yelling and laughing with friends or battling through a long enduring session of hardcore Diablo trying your best to stay alive together. So how do you actually add someone to your list of friendship?

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This month we�ve got one of Brisbane�s most experienced, DJ Wovn! The Seattle Hardcore Show with Jimni Cricket Paris - 4am Thursday Sydney - 12pm Thursday Tokyo - 11am Thursday London - 3am Thursday Los Angeles - 7pm Wednesday New York - 10pm Wednesday The Aussie Hardcore Show with DJ Cotts Paris - 10am Thursday Sydney - 6pm Thursday Tokyo - 5pm Thursday London - 9am Thursday Los Angeles - 1am Thursday New York - 4am Thursday The Team Rocket Happy Hardcore Show with Dave PSI and DJ Destiny Paris - 12pm Thursday Sydney - 8pm Thursday Tokyo - 7pm Thursday London - 11am Thursday Los Angeles - 3am Thursday New York - 6am Thursday The Brisbane Hardcore Collective Show with DJ Wovn Paris - 1pm Thursday Sydney - 9pm Thursday Tokyo - 8pm Thursday London - 12pm Thursday Los Angeles - 4am Thursday New York - 7am Thursday London Sounds Exposed with DJ Mauler Paris - 10pm Thursday Sydney - 6am Friday Tokyo - 5am Friday London - 9pm Thursday Los Angeles - 1pm Thursday New York - 4pm Thursday Of course if you can't watch or prefer audio only check out our Radio Page or listen with our Facebook App!What better way to bond with someone than murdering zombies together?This is one of the core philosophies driving Discord (no, not murdering zombies although we’re definitely proponents of a zombie-free world).Not to be outdone, DJ Mauler takes it over for the final hour of the week with a 1 hour mix of the London Sounds Exposed! Get ready to rise and shine once again as Happy Radio kicks off another massive week full of choons and tunes from your favorite DJ's!Starting off the week we've got 2 amazing hours of The Seattle Hardcore Show, live and direct, with stream video and chat!

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