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Wilson's songs were filled with images of small-town life, and she lived the life she sang about.

Gretchen again teared up as she recalled how she was roundly attacked at the final party and reunion show, saying: 'The bullshit and all the stuff that went down, it literally makes me sick to my stomach.'The crew also recalled with horror at how they had rushed to get footage before the season really began when Vicki Gunvalson's daughter Briana Culberson went into labor - only to realize Vicki was still badly bruised from having just had plastic surgery on her face.To be able to have that option back, in this situation where we can just try to conceive naturally and be able to make love and have our moment together, is really special for me,” she says.To pass the time until Monday's episode, watch Gretchen's unforgettable proposal to Slade.“As a single mom, I knew I could never get the time back with my daughter if I continued the pace I was on,” says Wilson in a press release.“Grace is really talented and very involved in school, and I didn’t want to miss anything, so I just put everything on hold.” During that time, however, Wilson never stopped writing; rather, she created a whole bunch of tracks for her newest project, which was recorded with award-winning producer Blake Chancey.

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