Who is raj dating on big bang theory

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finally serves up a Raj story line that gets at the root of his romantic woes. Let’s put some of the narrative heavy lifting on Raj’s shoulders.

Because of the Bernadette baby situation, Howard and his wife usually take next precedence and Raj's love life comes in last.Considering we haven't even seen Emily since Episode 18 last season (and there were a whopping 24 episodes produced last time around), it should come as no surprise that the CBS sitcom is taking its sweet time before jumping into that plot. In addition, since Season 10 picked up right where Season 9 left off, it's not like there's been a huge time jump and Raj has been dating two women for an extremely lengthy time on the sly.Not that we are advocating for Raj in this situation.PHOTOS: Behind the Scenes: ' The Big Bang Theory' Elsewhere during the Valentine's Day episode, Molaro says Amy and Sheldon (Jim Parsons) will have "an impactful and romantic moment" that he's both nervous and excited about when Sheldon and Amy join Howard (Simon Helberg) and Bernadette on a trip to wine country.And as for Penny and Leonard, Molaro says their botched marriage proposals will continue.

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